The aim of this Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project was to define and compare the most useful supportive techniques for language learning, used in working with adults. The first step attempted to find games and simulations (virtual and real), which could be useful in language teaching. The partners of the project arranged experiments, which examined the effectiveness of  games/simulations in different organizational cultures. The final results were the 5 books in pdf form, about the project effectiveness, experimental research,  practical examples for teachers, the methodology, participants' views etc: "Good practice guide", " Booklet", "Electronique Catalogue of Supportive Techniques and Competencies in Language Teaching" , "Digital Collection of Games to Improve Entrepreneurship", "Methodological files".  Through this project six European institutions tried to modify the way teachers teach languages in order to make the topics more attractive for adult learners, by using inexpensive and accessible tools. The project therefore focused on two inter-connected areas of interest: finding games and simulations useful in language teaching (GAMES AND SIMULATION), and using ICT devices as supportive learning tools (TOOLS). Our project connected different educational competences and personal teaching strategies in the mobility of adult learning staff. The partnership also strove to develop a platform to continue building bridges between training institutions and other providers of education, to compare and initiate the integration of good examples into the process. The results of this partnership were shared through the organization of a seminar for adult teachers and trainers. The final product, a compilation of results, was published on the project website. The project website will continue to exist after the end of this Learning Partnership, and then it will not only be used by this Learning Partnership, but also to inform about the ongoing future cooperation between the partner organizations.


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